I have a difficult time getting into “the zone”, for whatever reason I cannot just fall right into a Creative Zone. It takes time. I tend to want to relax first, I need to drink at least two cups of coffee first, then I tend to meditate and let my mind wander for a while. Then I get into this writing spot that just flows, sometimes if things are right it can go for 12 to 16hrs straight without a break. BUT normally about halfway into getting into the zone, something happens and I am taking out trash, walking a dog, cutting someone’s hair, or have to run to work.

I’ve tried to write after work, but I find my mind doesn’t shut up after work, so it takes twice as long, and there is always a chance of falling asleep!

So here I sit in a Dunkin’ Donuts trying to type as I can’t help but people watch, the little business guy in the light brown suit, the hipster dad with the hole-filled jeans and super tight red Hollister shirt, the grandma with her grand-daughter both wearing matching see-through black tights and loose t-shirt, or the college girl with the huge butt in the white wife beater and black volleyball shorts.


Oh well, time to lock in and go for the gold!

Before the beginning | The History of Everything | Part 1

Before the beginning | The History of Everything | Part 1

A long time ago, before our universe even began…

Well, technically time as we know it started where our universe started so there isn’t, actually, a time designation for “before the universe came into existence”.
As a matter of fact, we really don’t have any idea what existed, if anything existed, how it could’ve existed, what it would’ve existed as if it existed, or if anything existed at all. This is really something that tears a hole in any theory we could have, be it science or religion that tries to discuss it, it being the beginning, of course.

So, Science starts by saying trillions or billions or whatever years ago Continue reading “Before the beginning | The History of Everything | Part 1”