I have a difficult time getting into “the zone”, for whatever reason I cannot just fall right into a Creative Zone. It takes time. I tend to want to relax first, I need to drink at least two cups of coffee first, then I tend to meditate and let my mind wander for a while. Then I get into this writing spot that just flows, sometimes if things are right it can go for 12 to 16hrs straight without a break. BUT normally about halfway into getting into the zone, something happens and I am taking out trash, walking a dog, cutting someone’s hair, or have to run to work.

I’ve tried to write after work, but I find my mind doesn’t shut up after work, so it takes twice as long, and there is always a chance of falling asleep!

So here I sit in a Dunkin’ Donuts trying to type as I can’t help but people watch, the little business guy in the light brown suit, the hipster dad with the hole-filled jeans and super tight red Hollister shirt, the grandma with her grand-daughter both wearing matching see-through black tights and loose t-shirt, or the college girl with the huge butt in the white wife beater and black volleyball shorts.


Oh well, time to lock in and go for the gold!

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