The Transformed Wife (@laalex2) quotes another woman’s email about the pitfalls of modern day feminism/college for women and girls. With commentary of her own, as she sees fit.
While I am probably a bit less conservative than she is, it is a very odd thing these days to see, don’t get me wrong, I love this woman, I really do. Although I’m currently trying to find a woman who has been with fewer men than Brown’s active roster (46 btw) once mistakes are made, it’s best to move past them and keep moving toward God. My ministry has been focused mainly on people that have made such mistakes.
But if at all possible, to avoid those mistakes is always best.
Such an amazing and unusual thing, to find a woman who speaks so openly on these topics, but very refreshing too.

I have to admit: I love tattoo-less skin, I love debt-free living, and I love Godly, Christ Addicted Girls.
But sometimes a woman that has been through the wringer is a mighty fine companion.

And seriously, I don’t believe The Transformed Wife’s intention was to degrade anyone, but to encourage those struggling with staying free and clean in Christ. Just because you have made the mistake doesn’t mean your ending can’t be storybook. But yes, let us continue to encourage young women to be chaste, loving, modest, humble, but most importantly Women of God!

You’re awesome The Transformed Wife!

Much Love,

The Christian Nomad 😉

5 thoughts on “My thoughts on: The Transformed Wife, Debt, Virgins & Tattoos

  1. Lori Alexander has a long history of degrading women. She also believes it is okay to spank infants with pvc piping or a branch, because Debi Pearl said so.
    I have no problem with men having preferences. Realistically I would expect the men with those preferences to also be debt free, virgins and without tattoos of course.


    1. Well I’ll take what you have to say with a grain of salt. Because I’m sure she said “go down to the home depot and get you a 3″ diameter pvc pipe and just hit the infant till it stops moving”
      Believe me, I’ve read Patheos, I know how “I gave a lite tap on the diaper gets turned into ‘she admits to beating her kids till they can’t move!'”
      Then again, she may have said to abuse kids, I don’t know, I’m just commenting on a single post about virgins and tramp stamps, so my comment is in dealing with women who have had more ‘mistakes’ than the Cleveland Browns at quarterback.
      But the fact that you are so childish in your thought process to go “I expect men to do the same” as though that isn’t the very implication of the statement.
      But hey, If telling women not to cheapen themselves and screw everything in sight is degrading…..then I guess we speak two different languages.


      1. Actually on her old blog she suggested smaller diameter of pvc piping. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Pearls but they do advocate beating infants less than one year old for doing things that normal infants do.
        I’ve been married more than 20+ years. I just think it is funny how Lori gives men who don’t bring much to the table a pass. Why would a virgin female want a man who had slept around?


      2. I checked around and seriously only lunatics like yourself can be found saying she’s advocating beating the infants. I found where a lunatic like yourself quoted her as saying Debi Pearl said to take a 8 to 10 inch long 1/4 diameter Willow switch (about the size of a pencil) and tap it lightly on the diaper, that she tested it on herself first to make sure it didn’t actually hurt and then when the child was biting tapped it lightly on the diaper and it stopped, and never bit again. Or when it was pulling hair it took two taps to get it to stop pulling hair. And then the person says “see she Advocates beating children.”

        But seriously, let’s think about this, in her perfect world all women are virgins that aren’t married, and those who are married are faithful. SO WHO ARE THESE MEN HAVING SEX WITH IF ALL WOMEN ARE VIRGINS?
        No one! Because implicit and what she is saying is that both are expected to be virgins.
        You see how when applying just a tiny amount of logic to what you’re saying makes your entire statement breakdown. That’s because you are not living in reality. You are basing everything on an emotional reaction to a fictional Beast that you created in your head. Just add a slight amount of logic and your argument breaks down to nothing.
        It should be enough to say what you mean, a person should also have to say all the things they don’t mean! But you are a lunatic, who uses purely your emotions, so that will be lost on you.
        May God Walk You Through This….


      3. I know what I read in the past on Lori’s old blog and she was not talking about a diapered bottom. I read this junk after having infants of my own and I would have never thought twice about treating my kids in such a way. It is simply not necessary. An infant pulls someone’s hair….so what. Infants are curious…they are supposed to be.
        Like I said I’ve been married for 20+ years, I am just a spectator to her nonsense. Lori puts very low expectations on the men.


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